2024 Job Cuts: A Rundown of Businesses Trimming Their Workforce

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Title: Company Announces Smaller and More Targeted Layoffs for 2023

In a recent announcement, [Company Name] revealed their plans for layoffs in 2023. However, unlike previous years, these layoffs are expected to be smaller and more targeted. This news has sparked both relief and concern among employees and the public.

Smaller Layoffs:
According to [Company Name], the number of employees affected by the layoffs in 2023 will be significantly lower compared to previous years. This is a positive sign for current employees who may have been worried about their job security. It also shows that the company is taking a more strategic approach to their workforce management.

Targeted Layoffs:
In addition to being smaller in scale, the layoffs in 2023 will also be more targeted. This means that specific departments or positions  

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