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Title: Boeing’s New CEO Faces Safety Crisis: Promises Transparency

In 2020, David Calhoun took on the role of CEO at Boeing, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies. However, his tenure began amidst a tumultuous time for the company, as it was still reeling from a pair of fatal crashes involving its 737 MAX aircraft. Now, Calhoun faces his own safety crisis and has made a promise to prioritize transparency in addressing the issue.

The 737 MAX Crashes:
In October 2018 and March 2019, two Boeing 737 MAX planes crashed, resulting in the deaths of 346 people. Investigations revealed that a faulty automated system, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), was to blame for the crashes. This led to the grounding of all 737 MAX planes worldwide and a significant blow to Boeing’s reputation.

Calhoun’s Appointment:
In December 2019, Boeing’s board of directors announced that David Calhoun would take over as CEO, replacing Dennis Muilenburg. Calhoun, a longtime Boeing board member, was seen as a safe choice to lead the company out of its crisis  

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