Recognizing National Native American Heritage Month November 30, 2023 Thu, 11/30/2023 – 13:06 By Charlie Mark, Intern, Office of Public Affairs

As we celebrate National Native American Heritage Month, I had the privilege of attending a presentation by motivational speaker Milton Hunt, a member of the Native American Lumbee Tribe. Hunt expressed his gratitude to the Department of Commerce for acknowledging and honoring the rich culture of Native Americans. He also shared his personal experiences of discrimination and highlighted the educational and employment disparities faced by many Native Americans.

In his presentation, Hunt proposed solutions for non-Native Americans to create a more equitable environment for the Indigenous community. He emphasized the importance of hiring and providing opportunities for Native Americans, which aligns with the Department of Commerce’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As an intern in the Office of Public Affairs, I have witnessed firsthand the efforts of the Department of Commerce to provide opportunities for diverse individuals. I have also seen the dedication of Secretary Raimondo and Deputy Secretary Graves towards promoting diversity in the workplace. This commitment is evident in the various training and career development programs offered by the Department, which prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

I am grateful for my experience in OPA and for the opportunity to work with a team that values diversity and inclusion. Happy National Native American Heritage Month to all.  

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