Title: Li Auto Acknowledges Missteps in First Fully Electric Car Rollout Strategy, Cuts First-Quarter Sales Guidance

Li Auto, a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, has recently faced setbacks in the rollout of its first fully electric car. The company’s chief executive has acknowledged missteps in their strategy, leading to a cut in their first-quarter sales guidance. Let’s take a closer look at the situation and what it means for Li Auto.

Li Auto is known for its popular hybrid SUV, the Li ONE, which has been a hit in the Chinese market. However, the company’s first fully electric car, the Li ONE EREV, has faced challenges in its rollout.

Missteps in Rollout Strategy:
In a recent statement, Li Auto’s chief executive, Li Xiang, admitted that the company had made mistakes in their rollout strategy for the Li ONE EREV. He cited issues with supply chain management and production delays as the main reasons for the setbacks.

Impact on First-Quarter Sales:
As a result of these missteps, Li Auto has cut its first-quarter sales guidance for the Li ONE EREV. The company now expects to deliver 10,500 to 11,500 units  

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