ABN AMRO declares new share repurchase program following better-than-expected earnings.

ABN AMRO Announces €500 Million Buyback and Sets Return on Equity Target for 2026

In a recent announcement, ABN AMRO, a Dutch bank, revealed that it will be launching a €500 million buyback after its fourth-quarter net profit exceeded expectations. The bank also outlined its return on equity target for 2026, showcasing its commitment to delivering value to shareholders.

The Buyback Plan

The buyback plan, which is set to begin in the first quarter of 2021, is part of ABN AMRO’s strategy to optimize its capital structure and improve its return on equity. The bank aims to repurchase up to €500 million of its own shares over the next 12 months, subject to market conditions.

This move comes after the bank reported a net profit of €54 million in the fourth quarter of 2020, beating analysts’ forecasts of €47 million. The strong performance was driven by a decrease in loan loss provisions and higher net interest income.

Return on Equity Target for 2026

In addition to the buyback plan, ABN AMRO also announced its return on equity target for 2026. The  

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