Alejandro Mayorkas avoids impeachment in the House as some Republican legislators break ranks.

On Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas narrowly avoided impeachment in the House after a small group of Republicans joined Democrats in voting against the effort. The vote, which ended with a tally of 216 to 214, was prompted by Mayorkas’ handling of the U.S.-Mexico border. However, the impeachment push was ultimately unsuccessful, with Republicans arguing that Mayorkas’ actions did not constitute an impeachable offense and warning against setting a dangerous precedent. Democrats accused Republicans of using the impeachment as a political tactic ahead of the 2024 election, while legal experts from both sides of the aisle agreed that it did not meet the standard for a high crime or misdemeanor. The Department of Homeland Security released a statement denouncing the “baseless impeachment” and urging Republicans to focus on bipartisan solutions for border security. Despite the failed attempt, some Republicans have hinted at the possibility of another vote once House Majority Leader Steve Scalise returns from medical leave. The White House also weighed in, calling the impeachment attempt a “waste of time” and urging Republicans to work with President Biden on effective border security measures. The impeachment proceedings, which were rushed through with only two hearings in eight days, have now been put to rest.  

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