An Illinois contractor put their employees at risk of deadly falls on two separate occasions within a two-month period while working on homes under construction in a Hanover Park subdivision.

Maestro Construction Inc. has once again been found to be in violation of OSHA regulations for effective fall protection. The Illinois-based construction contractor has been cited seven times since 2020, and yet continues to put their employees at risk of deadly falls from elevation. In December 2023 and February 2024, federal workplace safety inspectors observed Maestro Construction Inc. employees working at heights of up to 20 feet without adequate fall protection at two homes under construction in Hanover Park.

Inspectors reported that while some workers did have fall protection safety gear, they were wearing it incorrectly, rendering it useless. The company also failed to certify that their employees had been trained in fall hazards and the required use of personal protective equipment. Additionally, inspectors found damaged electrical cords in use. OSHA Area Director Jacob Scott in Naperville, Illinois stated, “Contractors like Maestro Construction that willfully ignore federal safety standards for fall protection are endangering the lives and well-being of their employees.”

Despite being cited four times in 2023 for fall-related violations, Maestro Construction continues to show a callous disregard for their employees’ safety. As a result, OSHA has issued the company two willful, two repeat, and two serious violations, as well as one other-than-serious violation, and proposed $264,407 in penalties. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2022, 1,056 construction workers died on the job, with 423 of those fatalities related to falls from elevation, slips, or trips.

To address this issue, OSHA’s stop falls website offers safety information and video presentations in both English and Spanish to educate workers about fall hazards and proper safety procedures. It is crucial for companies like Maestro Construction to prioritize the safety of their employees and comply with OSHA regulations to prevent further accidents and fatalities.  

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