Biden highlights talks that could result in a six-week truce between Israel and Hamas.

Biden and King Abdullah II of Jordan discussed the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict during a meeting at the White House. Biden stated that the U.S. is actively working to negotiate a deal between the two sides that would pause the fighting in Gaza for at least six weeks. He also mentioned that the U.S. has been in communication with key leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, to push for this deal. The president emphasized the importance of bringing an immediate and sustained period of calm to Gaza and expressed concern for the well-being of the hostages being held by Hamas. He has dispatched the CIA director to Cairo for further negotiations and has urged Israel to avoid an invasion of Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where many displaced Palestinians have sought refuge. King Abdullah also called for a lasting cease-fire and increased humanitarian aid for Gaza. Both leaders condemned Israel’s military operation and expressed concern for the well-being of civilians in the region.  

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