Biden rejects special counsel’s conclusions and maintains that his memory is accurate.

In a recent press conference at the White House, President Biden addressed the findings of special counsel Robert Hur’s report on his handling of classified material during his time as vice president. While the report concluded that no charges were warranted, Mr. Biden took issue with some of its comments about his memory.

During his prepared remarks, the president expressed his satisfaction with the report’s conclusion that he did not “willfully retain” classified documents. However, in a heated exchange with a reporter, Mr. Biden disputed the report’s assertion that he shared classified information with his ghostwriter for his 2017 memoir “Promise Me, Dad.”

According to the report, Mr. Biden had taken notes on classified subjects while serving as vice president and used them as reference material for his book. The ghostwriter had deleted audio recordings related to the memoir, but the FBI was able to recover them. While the government considered charging the ghostwriter with obstruction, they ultimately decided against it.

Mr. Biden vehemently denied sharing any classified information with his ghostwriter, stating that the information he shared was not classified but rather private communication between the president and vice president. He also addressed the report’s claims that he had trouble recalling basic facts, such as the years he served as vice president and when his son, Beau Biden, passed away.

The president became emotional as he defended his memory, stating that it was not the public’s business and that he wears a rosary on his wrist every day in honor of his late son. He also acknowledged that he may have struggled to remember the name of the church from which the rosary came.

In conclusion, Mr. Biden stood by his actions and memory, expressing frustration with the report’s findings and defending his integrity.  

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