Border patrol union significantly endorses Senate immigration agreement.

Title: U.S. Border Patrol Union Endorses Immigration Compromise, But Trump Urges Republicans to Reject Deal

The U.S. Border Patrol union has officially endorsed the Senate’s immigration compromise, but former President Trump is urging Republicans to reject the deal. This political standoff is now jeopardizing the agreement, as CBS News’ Nikole Killion reports.

Section 1: The U.S. Border Patrol Union’s Endorsement
The U.S. Border Patrol union, which represents over 20,000 agents, has given its official endorsement to the Senate’s immigration compromise. This deal includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, as well as increased border security measures.

Section 2: Trump’s Call to Reject the Deal
Despite the union’s endorsement, former President Trump is calling on Republicans to reject the immigration compromise. He argues that it is too lenient on undocumented immigrants and does not do enough to secure the border.

Section 3: Political Standoff Jeopardizing the Agreement
With Trump’s influence over the Republican party, his call to reject the deal is causing a political standoff. This could potentially jeopardize the agreement, as Republicans may be hesitant to support a deal that goes against Trump’s stance on immigration.

Section 4: Impact on Immigration Reform
The endorsement from the U.S. Border Patrol union was seen as a significant step towards passing comprehensive immigration reform. However, with Trump’s opposition, the future of the deal remains uncertain. This could further delay much-needed changes to the country’s immigration system.

The U.S. Border Patrol union’s endorsement of the Senate’s immigration compromise was  

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