Claimants Back 3M’s $6 Billion Agreement to Settle Earplug Lawsuit.

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Title: Company’s Settlement for Alleged Hearing Loss Among Veterans Reaches High Participation Rate

The company responsible for manufacturing earplugs used by the military has announced that participation in its settlement for allegations of causing hearing loss among veterans is on track to surpass the required threshold. This news comes as a relief to many veterans who have been affected by the faulty earplugs and have been seeking compensation.

Section 1: Background
In 2018, a lawsuit was filed against the company for selling defective earplugs to the military. These earplugs were supposed to protect soldiers’ hearing during combat, but it was later discovered that they were too short and could loosen without the wearer’s knowledge, leaving them vulnerable to hearing damage.

Section 2: Settlement Agreement
After years of legal battles, the company reached a settlement agreement with the Department of Justice in 2019. As part of the agreement, the company agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve the allegations and provide compensation to affected veterans. However, the settlement also required a participation rate of at least 98% for it to be considered valid.

Section 3: High Participation Rate
According to recent updates from the company, participation in the settlement is on pace to exceed the required 98% threshold. This means that a majority of the affected veterans have come forward to claim their compensation  

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