Contractor for the FBI accused of unauthorized taking of a vehicle with a firearm magazine from the agency’s central office.

A federal contractor working for the FBI has been arrested for allegedly stealing an FBI vehicle from bureau headquarters on Tuesday. The contractor, John Worrell, was assigned to FBI headquarters and had access to the building due to his work. He allegedly stole the vehicle and drove it to another FBI facility in Virginia, where he attempted to gain entry using the credentials of the agent to whom the car was assigned. Worrell was not an FBI agent or law enforcement officer, but he was authorized to be at the headquarters as a contractor. He claimed to have a classified meeting at the facility, but was denied entry due to not having the necessary access cards. After being denied entry a second time, Worrell spent 45 minutes in the parking area before being discovered by security and police. During a search of the vehicle, a loaded handgun magazine belonging to the agent who drove the car was found in a fanny pack. Worrell claimed to be unaware of the magazine’s presence, stating that he had been receiving coded messages indicating he was in danger and was attempting to go to a secure facility for safety. The FBI’s limited parking policy requires keys to be left inside cars in the garage, and the agent’s credentials were also inside the stolen vehicle. The FBI agent noticed the car was missing at 1:15 p.m. and alerted security at 2:22 p.m., nearly two hours after security footage showed the car leaving headquarters. During his interview with investigators, Worrell admitted to not having permission to use the car. It is unclear if he is still employed by the government contractor.  

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