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Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas, recovering from surgery, made a surprise appearance on the House floor to cast the deciding vote against impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Green obtained clearance from his doctors and was accompanied by medical staff. The vote was 214 in favor of impeachment and 216 against, with Green’s vote making the difference. Three Republicans had voted “no” before Green’s arrival, and the tally stood at 215-214. Green said he would have felt good about himself even if the vote had gone the other way, as he did all he could. Speaker Mike Johnson called it a “setback” but expects the articles to pass in the next round. Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado, one of the Republicans who voted against impeachment, indicated the House could vote again when House Majority Leader Steve Scalise returns to work. Green said he was not pressured by Democrats to come in for the vote and returned to his hospital bed after. He believes Mayorkas is a good man and is doing the best job he can with the laws set by Congress.  

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