Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves Tours Wisconsin, Emphasizes the Need for an Inclusive Economy.

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves recently visited Wisconsin to emphasize the importance of creating an economy that works for everyone. During his trip, Graves highlighted the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to address systemic inequalities and promote equitable economic growth.

Graves began his visit in Milwaukee, where he spoke at the Women’s Club of Wisconsin about the Commerce Department’s initiatives to prepare regions across the U.S. for success. One of these initiatives is the Tech Hubs program, which designates 31 regions, including Wisconsin, as centers for innovation and economic development. This program aims to transform these regions into globally competitive hubs of innovation.

In addition to the Tech Hubs program, the Commerce Department’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is investing $125 million to launch 43 business incubators and accelerators through the Capital Readiness Program. This program, which was announced in September, is the largest investment in underserved entrepreneurs and businesses in the department’s history. The University of Wisconsin is among the recommended awardees for this program.

“The Tech Hubs program and Capital Readiness Program are not just symbolic of our commitment to providing pathways to prosperity for all Americans, but are tangible, comprehensive, thoughtful efforts that will secure that prosperity for years to come,” said Deputy Secretary Graves.

Graves also visited the Port of Milwaukee and met with local exporters and small businesses to discuss ways to strengthen the nation’s supply chains. Export businesses have been shown to earn higher revenues, create more jobs, and pay better wages, providing significant economic opportunities for U.S. businesses and workers.

“The Biden-Harris Administration understands the importance of our supply chains to our global economic leadership and remains committed to improving them from ship to store,” said Graves.

Milwaukee’s fast-growing Latino population was also a focus of Graves’ visit. He met with community leaders to discuss the Biden Administration’s investments in climate resilience, internet access, and trade. These investments aim to create good-paying jobs and enhance U.S. global competitiveness.

Overall, Graves’ visit to Wisconsin highlighted the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to building an economy that works for everyone. By investing in communities, workers, and minority businesses, the administration is working towards creating equitable economic growth and opportunities for all Americans.  

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