eBay agrees to a $59 million settlement regarding the sale of pill presses.

Title: Justice Department Accuses Online Marketplace of Selling Illegal Pill Presses

The Justice Department has recently made a shocking allegation against a popular online marketplace. According to their investigation, thousands of illegal pill presses and encapsulating machines were being sold on the platform. This revelation has raised concerns about the ease of access to these dangerous machines and the potential for illegal drug production.

The Allegations:
In a press release, the Justice Department stated that they had uncovered evidence of the sale of illegal pill presses and encapsulating machines on the online marketplace. These machines are used to produce counterfeit pills, including opioids and other controlled substances. The department estimates that thousands of these machines have been sold on the platform, making it a major hub for the illegal drug trade.

Impact on Public Health:
The sale of these machines on a popular online marketplace has serious implications for public health. With the rise of the opioid epidemic, the production and distribution of counterfeit pills have become a major concern. These machines make it easier for criminals to produce and sell these dangerous drugs, putting countless lives at risk.

Efforts to Combat the Issue:
The Justice Department has  

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