Extreme right-wing group demonstrating against immigration issue approaches the southern frontier.

The “Take Our Border Back” convoy, organized by far-right extremists, is set to arrive at the Texas-Mexico border this weekend in support of the Texas government’s standoff against the federal government over the migrant crisis. The convoy, which started in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has grown to over 200 vehicles and is causing concern among experts for potential violence.

While the organizers have stated their intention to keep the convoy peaceful and not enter the border town of Eagle Pass, where the Texas National Guard has taken control of a public park and denied access to Border Patrol agents, there are worries about the rhetoric and involvement of extremist groups. Speakers at a rally in Dripping Springs, Texas, included former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, elected Texas officials, musician Ted Nugent, and conspiracy theorist Lara Logan, who all made xenophobic and conspiratorial statements.

According to researchers, the Proud Boys, neo-Nazi groups, and militias are also involved with the convoy. Some speakers, such as Michael Yon, have promoted the baseless “great replacement theory,” which claims there is a deliberate effort to replace the White population in the U.S. and other countries. One of the organizers, Pete Chambers, even appeared on Alex Jones’ conspiracy-laden show InfoWars to discuss the convoy, stating that they plan to “pair up with law enforcement who are constitutionally sound.”

Freddy Cruz, a manager at the Western States Center, a pro-democracy advocacy group, expressed concern over the white supremacist rhetoric coming from convoy members and speakers at the rally. The situation has drawn attention from around the world, with many calling for action to address the dangerous and divisive actions of the convoy.  

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