Fani Willis will not be required to provide testimony in the divorce case involving a special prosecutor.

A judge has announced that Fulton County special prosecutor Nathan Wade and his estranged wife, Jocelyn Wade, have reached a temporary agreement in their divorce case, cancelling the scheduled hearing for Wednesday. This comes after allegations were made by attorneys for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman that Nathan Wade was involved in a romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who had hired him to work on the case against former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants. The divorce proceedings were brought into the national spotlight when Roman’s attorneys claimed that both Willis and Wade had financially benefited from their arrangement. Last week, lawyers for Trump and co-defendant Bob Cheeley also joined in the effort to disqualify Willis from the case, citing a conflict of interest. Jocelyn Wade recently filed a document in the divorce proceedings showing that Nathan Wade had booked flights for himself and Willis to San Francisco and Miami. However, the terms of the temporary agreement will remain confidential as per the agreement of the Wades. While this means that the scheduled hearing is no longer necessary, the case is still ongoing and the parties are working towards a resolution.  

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