Former executives of FirstEnergy and a former public utility official in Ohio have been charged with criminal offenses.

Title: Former State Utilities Head Accused of Receiving Millions in Bribes from FirstEnergy

In a shocking turn of events, former Ohio state utilities head Samuel Randazzo has been accused of accepting over $4.3 million in bribes from FirstEnergy and its affiliates. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the integrity of the state’s regulatory system and the influence of corporations on government officials.

Samuel Randazzo served as the chair of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) from 2019 until his resignation in November 2020. During his tenure, he was responsible for regulating the state’s energy industry, including overseeing the approval of utility rates and policies.

According to court documents, Randazzo allegedly received payments from FirstEnergy and its affiliates between 2017 and 2020. In exchange, he is accused of providing favorable official actions for the company, including helping to pass a controversial energy bill that bailed out two nuclear power plants owned by FirstEnergy.

The accusations against Randazzo have raised concerns about the fairness and transparency of the state’s regulatory process. It also calls into question the influence of corporations on government officials and the potential for corruption in the energy industry.

FirstEnergy has denied any wrongdoing and stated that they are cooperating with the investigation. The company’s CEO, Chuck  

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