Garland rejects ridiculous criticism that he should have changed the Hur report.

Key points from Hur’s testimony on Biden probe:

– Attorney General Merrick Garland dismissed suggestions that he should have altered portions of former special counsel Robert Hur’s report about President Biden’s handling of classified records.
– Garland called the idea of censoring Hur’s findings “absurd” and said he prefers to let the work of the Justice Department speak for itself.
– Hur’s year-long investigation began after the discovery of classified documents in Mr. Biden’s home and office.
– Hur concluded that no criminal charges were warranted, but criticized the president’s recordkeeping and described him as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”
– Mr. Biden and his allies pushed back against Hur’s characterization, with the president stating that his memory was “fine” and criticizing the “extraneous commentary” in the report.
– Some of Mr. Biden’s defenders argued that Garland should have removed the unflattering descriptions from the report.
– However, a career Justice Department official rejected these objections, stating that the language was not gratuitous or prejudicial.
– The transcript of Hur’s interview with Mr. Biden was released before his testimony before Congress, providing a fuller picture of the conversation.
– While Mr. Biden did struggle with some dates and words, he also recalled many details accurately.  

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