Haley redirects her strategy to bridge the distance with Trump in the South Carolina race.

Is Nikki Haley a viable candidate for the GOP nomination? According to sources, Haley is launching a new campaign with the theme “A Great Day in South Carolina” in an effort to combat Donald Trump’s lead in the upcoming primary in her home state. The campaign will focus on highlighting Haley’s record as governor and her ability to take on the establishment and fight for taxpayers. With her recent losses in the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries, Haley is hoping to convince voters and donors that she would be a stronger candidate in a general election against President Biden than Trump. A new 30-second digital ad will remind South Carolina voters of her accomplishments, including cutting taxes, passing tough immigration and voter ID laws, and moving people from welfare to work. Haley is determined to show that she can replicate her successes as governor on a national level. Nidia Cavazos, a 2024 campaign reporter for CBS News, will be covering Haley’s campaign.  

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