House Democrats issue a fresh report in support of Mayorkas, countering impeachment claims.

The Senate is close to reaching a bipartisan agreement on border security, as House Democrats release a report defending Defense Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas against an impeachment effort they deem a “politically motivated sham.” The report, released ahead of a House Homeland Security Committee vote on Tuesday, argues that the impeachment effort lacks evidence of any charge that would warrant impeachment. Democrats on the committee also criticize the lack of due process and failure to address real challenges at the border. The impeachment articles, released by House Republicans on Sunday, accuse Mayorkas of willful refusal to comply with the law and a breach of public trust. However, the committee Democrats argue that the articles fail to provide evidence and are part of a baseless and unprecedented effort to impeach the secretary. The impeachment effort has been met with pushback from Democrats and the Department of Homeland Security, who claim it is politically motivated. The department released a statement on Sunday, stating that the effort is a “total waste of time.” The committee has held two hearings on the impeachment effort, featuring testimony from attorneys general and mothers who have lost children due to what they see as failures by Mayorkas to manage the southern border. Despite these efforts, Democrats and the Department of Homeland Security maintain that the impeachment is baseless and politically motivated.  

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