Jean Carroll’s reaction to the $83 million verdict against Trump by the jury: “They declared ‘that’s sufficient.'”

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On January 29, 2024, E. Jean Carroll, a writer who accused former President Donald Trump of sexual assault, was awarded $83.3 million in damages for defamatory statements made by Trump. In an interview on “CBS Mornings” on Monday, Carroll stated that she believes the jury’s verdict was a message to Trump, saying “enough” to his “horrible, slimy, terrible” comments about her.

Trump has vowed to appeal the decision, but Carroll’s attorneys argued that his comments had subjected her to threats and damaged her reputation. The jury found Trump liable for defamation and sexual abuse in the first lawsuit last year, and on Friday, they were tasked with deciding the amount of damages Carroll would receive.

Carroll expressed her surprise at the amount she was awarded, saying “who can conceive of $83 million?” She also noted that the money could be used for good, stating “it’s inspiring, this amount of money. We can do really a lot of good with this money.”

Reflecting on the trial, Carroll described how terrifying it was to anticipate seeing Trump in the courtroom, but when she saw him, she realized “he’s nothing.” Her attorney, Roberta Kaplan, suggested that Trump’s behavior throughout the trial, both in the courtroom and on social media, likely contributed to the jury’s ruling.

Despite the verdict, Carroll doesn’t expect Trump’s behavior to change. She stated, “If Donald Trump needs to use me again to raise campaign funds, he will. He’s going to keep doing it.”  

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