John Podesta is set to take on the role of senior adviser on climate issues in the Biden administration, following John Kerry’s departure from the White House.

John Podesta, a longtime Democratic adviser and senior adviser to President Biden, has been appointed as the senior adviser on international climate policy for the White House. This announcement comes as John Kerry, who previously held the position of special presidential envoy for climate, is leaving the White House after serving in the role since the beginning of the Biden administration.

In a statement, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients praised Kerry for his tireless efforts in bringing American climate leadership back to the forefront and rallying countries around the world to take action against the climate crisis. Zients also expressed confidence in Podesta’s ability to continue this momentum and ensure that the gravity of the situation is met.

Podesta, who has served in top roles in the Clinton, Obama, and now Biden administrations, will primarily focus on international climate policy in coordination with the State Department. He will also continue to oversee the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes funding for the transition to clean energy sources.

The Biden administration has made addressing climate change a top priority, both domestically and internationally. A recent assessment released by the administration highlighted the urgent need for action, as the impacts of climate change are already being felt across the country. President Biden has emphasized the importance of taking action and has warned against denying the reality of climate change.

It is unclear if Kerry will pursue other ventures after leaving the White House. Podesta’s title has been updated in this report.  

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