Legislation Proposed to Support Small Enterprises Impacted by Infrastructure Developments

The proposed federal legislation aims to assist local businesses and nonprofit organizations that are affected by federally funded transit or highway transportation projects. The Business Uninterrupted Monetary Program (BUMP) Act, introduced by California Congressman Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana), seeks to provide financial relief to these entities when their operations are disrupted by major construction projects in their communities.

Under the BUMP Act, local sponsors of these projects would be required to create a funding pool to support affected businesses. This funding would cover expenses such as utilities, insurance, rent or mortgage, payroll, and loss of income. The need for this legislation was highlighted by a major transit project in downtown Santa Ana that blocked access to local businesses.

The BUMP Act applies to local sponsors receiving funds for transit (Fixed Guideway Capital Investment Grants) and highway transportation projects (Federal-Aid Highway Program). It specifically targets projects with a total cost of $100 million or more for transit and $50 million or more for highways. Local sponsors would be responsible for managing the program and determining which entities qualify for funding. They would only need to create one BUMP fund for all qualifying projects. However, they can request a waiver from the U.S. Secretary of Transportation if they already have a similar program in place or can demonstrate that there will be no interruption or negative financial impact on local entities.

Congressman Correa has received support for the BUMP Act from the Anaheim Transportation Network and other advocates who recognize the importance of providing financial support to small businesses during major construction projects. This legislation aims to alleviate the burden on local businesses and nonprofit organizations and ensure their continued success during times of disruption. 

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