Local tax measures amounting to over $3.9 billion will be on the ballots in March.

According to an analysis by the California Taxpayers Association, voters across the state will see a total of 77 local tax and bond measures on their March ballots. These measures, if approved, would cumulatively increase taxes by more than $3.9 billion. The breakdown of these measures includes 36 school bonds, 16 transactions and use taxes, 19 parcel taxes, two general obligation bonds, one business tax license, one hotel tax, and two special taxes.

If all of these measures are passed, Californians in various parts of the state will face a direct tax increase of over $350 million, as well as an additional $3.6 billion in bonded indebtedness that must be repaid with interest through property tax increases.

One notable measure on the March ballot is a repeal attempt of a $46.5 million parcel tax in San Bernardino County. This tax, which helps fund the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District, has been on the ballot three times in the past four years.

Some of the major local tax increases on the March 5 ballot include a 0.25% transactions and use tax in Fresno County to fund academic initiatives at California State University, Fresno, a 0.04% gross receipts tax on businesses in Sacramento, and a renewal and increase of an expiring parcel tax in the Berkeley Unified School District.

Compared to the 2020 presidential primary ballot, which had 239 local tax and bond measures, the number of measures on the March ballot is considerably less. However, more tax measures are expected to appear on the November general election ballot. 

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