Mayor Frey of Minneapolis clarified that his statement implying that remote workers would become “losers” was intended as a joke.

Minneapolis Mayor Frey Clarifies “Losers” Comment as a Joke After Social Media Backlash

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is facing criticism for a comment he made at the Minneapolis Downtown Council annual meeting on Wednesday, where he referred to “at home” workers as “losers.” However, Frey has since clarified that his comment was meant as a joke.

During his speech, Frey stated that if people continue to work from home for more than three months, they risk becoming “losers.” He then asked the audience, “We’re not losers, are we?” This comment caught the attention of social media users, who responded negatively.

In response to the backlash, Frey explained that his comment was taken out of context and that the people in the room understood it as a joke. He stated, “When it gets taken out of context in a social media post, things can run wild.”

Frey went on to clarify that his joke was centered around a fictional study and that his responsibility as mayor is to bring more people to live, play, and work in downtown Minneapolis. He highlighted the positive aspects of downtown, such as the growth in housing units and the increase in people attending events and dining at restaurants.

The meeting also discussed the fact that Hennepin Healthcare is now the largest employer in downtown Minneapolis, surpassing Target. While some businesses are still allowing employees to work remotely, many have seen an increase in workers returning to the office. Frey believes that this should be the focus, rather than his joke.

He stated, “There are very serious things. We were just discussing one of them a second ago. Cat blankets are not [serious]. It was at a business luncheon and I made a joke. That’s it.”

Frey also addressed the recent controversy over the Minneapolis City Council overriding his veto of a resolution calling for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas conflict. He passed his own proclamation on the matter, which can be found on his blog.  

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