Millions of dollars were allocated by the United States for domestic mask manufacturing

Title: The Impact of Foreign Suppliers on Domestic Production of Medical Gear

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of having a steady supply of medical gear, such as masks and gloves, to protect healthcare workers and the general public. However, as hospitals and healthcare facilities struggle to keep up with the demand for these essential items, the issue of domestic production versus foreign suppliers has come into question.

Section 1: The Initial Surge in Domestic Production
When the pandemic first hit, there was a sudden surge in demand for medical gear, causing shortages in many countries. In response, many domestic manufacturers in the United States and other countries ramped up their production to meet the demand. This led to a temporary boost in domestic production of masks, gloves, and other medical gear.

Section 2: The Return to Foreign Suppliers
As the initial surge in demand subsided and hospitals began to restock their supplies, many turned to lower-cost foreign suppliers. This shift was driven by the need to cut costs and the availability of cheaper options from countries like China and  

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