NextEra Energy Resources: Leading the Way in Energy Innovation Across the Country

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Energy Solutions: Providing Comprehensive Energy Solutions

NextEra Energy Resources, LLC is a global leader in renewable energy generation from wind and solar, as well as a pioneer in battery storage technology. As the competitive clean energy business of NextEra Energy, Inc., the company is dedicated to providing energy-related products and services that drive economic growth, promote environmental sustainability, and support local communities. With its vast resources, expertise, and commitment to sustainability, NextEra Energy Resources is helping its customers achieve their business and environmental goals.

Since 1989, NextEra Energy Resources’ subsidiaries have been playing a crucial role in fueling California’s economic growth and improving the quality of life for its residents. The company owns and operates wind and solar facilities, transmission assets, and battery energy storage systems in over 20 counties across the state, with several more projects in the pipeline. California is currently ranked number one in installed solar capacity, and NextEra Energy Resources is proud to contribute to the state’s clean energy future through its operations in wind, solar, and battery storage.

Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

NextEra Energy Resources is a leader in bringing new renewable energy projects online each year, with a portfolio of approximately 27,400 megawatts (MW) of wind, solar, natural gas, and nuclear energy resources in 40 states and Canada. In California alone, the company is expected to add over 600 MW of solar and battery storage resources by 2024. This significant investment in renewable energy is helping to reduce carbon emissions and promote a cleaner, more sustainable future for the state.

Building Strong Relationships and Supporting Local Communities

NextEra Energy Resources believes in building strong relationships with its customers and supporting the communities in which it operates. The company collaborates with electric utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities to provide clean, renewable energy to residential and commercial markets throughout their service areas. By working together, they are making a positive impact on the environment and helping to meet the growing demand for clean energy.

NextEra Energy Resources is also committed to supporting local communities through charitable donations and other initiatives. In 2022, the company and its employees contributed over $25 million to various causes and organizations that benefit the well-being of local communities. This investment in the community is a testament to NextEra Energy Resources’ dedication to making a positive impact beyond just providing clean energy.


NextEra Energy Resources is a leader in the renewable energy industry, with a strong commitment to sustainability and community involvement. Through its innovative solutions and partnerships, the company is helping to drive economic growth, protect the environment, and support local communities in California and beyond. 

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