Nikola has declined the board nominees suggested by its founder, Trevor Milton.

Nikola Rejects Proposed Board of Directors Nominated by Former Chairman Trevor Milton

In a recent announcement, Nikola revealed that it has rejected a proposed slate of five nominees for its board of directors. These nominees were put forward by an entity controlled by the company’s former Chairman and Founder, Trevor Milton.

This decision comes after Milton stepped down from his role as Chairman in September 2020, following allegations of fraud and misleading investors. The proposed nominees were seen as a potential attempt by Milton to regain control of the company.

Nikola’s current board of directors, led by Chairman Steve Girsky, stated that they carefully evaluated the proposed nominees and determined that they were not in the best interest of the company or its shareholders. The board also emphasized their commitment to maintaining a diverse and independent board.

This rejection is just the latest development in the ongoing turmoil surrounding Nikola. The company, which aims to produce zero-emission vehicles, has faced numerous setbacks and controversies in recent months. This includes a scathing report by short-seller Hindenburg Research, which accused Nikola of making false claims about its technology and capabilities.

Despite these challenges, Nikola remains determined to move forward and deliver on its promises. The company recently announced a partnership with General Motors to produce its electric pickup truck, the Badger. It also  

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