PayPal Plans to Reduce Worldwide Employee Count by 9% as a Strategy for Revitalization.

Digital Payments Company Announces Additional Layoffs

In a recent announcement, the digital payments company has revealed plans for a head-count reduction. This comes on the heels of a previous round of layoffs last year, which saw a 7% reduction in staff. The company plans to make these cuts through a combination of direct layoffs and the elimination of open positions.

The decision to reduce head-count is a strategic move by the company to streamline operations and improve efficiency. While the exact number of employees affected has not been disclosed, it is expected to be a significant reduction.

Direct Cuts and Elimination of Open Roles

The head-count reduction will be carried out through two methods – direct cuts and the elimination of open roles. Direct cuts refer to the termination of existing employees, while the elimination of open roles means that certain positions will not be filled when they become vacant.

This approach allows the company to carefully evaluate its current workforce and make targeted cuts where necessary. It also ensures that the company is not overstaffed and can operate with a leaner team.

Impact on Employees

The news of additional layoffs may be unsettling for employees, especially in the current economic climate. The company has assured that it will provide support and resources to affected employees, including severance packages and outplacement services.

The company’s CEO stated, “We understand that this decision will have an impact on our employees  

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