S. attacks on targets associated with Iran are set to persist.

Title: President Biden Announces Retaliatory Airstrikes in Iraq and Syria

On Friday, President Biden declared in a statement that the United States will continue to carry out retaliatory airstrikes on targets associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias. These strikes will be conducted at times and places of the US’s choosing. David Martin reports from the Pentagon on the recent developments.

Section 1: Background
The tensions between the US and Iran have been escalating since the US withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018. The recent airstrikes were in response to a rocket attack on a US military base in Iraq, which killed a civilian contractor and injured several others.

Section 2: Retaliatory Airstrikes
In the early hours of Friday morning, the US launched airstrikes on multiple targets in Iraq and Syria. These targets were associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard and its affiliated militias, who have been accused of carrying out the rocket attack on the US military base.

Section 3: President Biden’s Statement
In a statement released on Friday, President Biden made it clear that the US will not tolerate attacks on its personnel and interests. He also stated that the US will continue to defend its allies and partners in the region. The President emphasized that these strikes were a necessary response to protect American lives and interests.

Section 4: Pentagon’s Response
David Martin reports from the Pentagon that the airstrikes were successful in destroying the intended targets. The Pentagon also stated that the strikes were a defensive measure and not intended to escalate the situation further.

Section 5: Future Plans
President Biden’s statement also mentioned that these strikes will continue at times and places of the US’s choosing. This indicates that the US is prepared to take further action if necessary to protect its personnel and interests in the region.

The recent retaliatory airstrikes in Iraq and Syria by the US have once again heightened tensions between the US and  

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