Senate successfully surpasses procedural obstacle for foreign aid package in unusual Sunday vote.

On Sunday, the Senate voted to move forward with a foreign aid bill that would provide $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific. This rare weekend session puts the legislation on track for a final vote later this week, although some senators are expected to try and slow its progress. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that the Senate will continue working on the bill until it is passed, even if it means working through the two-week recess starting on Monday. The bill, which was requested by the White House, has been stalled for months due to Republican demands to tie the aid to enhanced border security measures. However, a bipartisan border security agreement was released last week and quickly rejected by former President Donald Trump. After the Senate rejected the bill with the border provisions, Schumer pushed to proceed with the aid package without them. Some Senate Republicans have reservations about moving forward without the border security provisions, while others have outright rejected the bill. Senator Rand Paul has pledged to slow down the bill’s proceedings at every opportunity. Despite this, the Senate has continued with procedural votes on the legislation. Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat and negotiator in the border security talks, believes that the Senate will pass the bill in the coming days, despite difficulties in getting Republican support due to Trump’s opposition to Ukraine funding. Schumer remains hopeful that an amendment agreement can be reached with Republicans to speed up the process, but emphasizes the importance of finishing the work on this bill.  

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