Senators urge national panel to assist in protecting electors against artificial intelligence-generated misinformation.

Klobuchar and Collins, two Senators from different parties, are urging the U.S. Election Assistance Commission to take action against the use of artificial intelligence to spread disinformation targeted at voters. In a letter obtained by CBS News, the Senators expressed their concerns and called for more guidance to help state and local officials combat these threats. The letter comes after a fake robocall impersonating President Biden encouraged voters to skip the New Hampshire primary and save their vote for the general election. The Senators also referenced the use of AI-generated deepfakes to deceive voters and highlighted their bipartisan bill aimed at banning this type of content involving federal candidates. They are asking the commission to provide comprehensive guidance to election administrators to address these emerging threats in a timely and effective manner. The New Hampshire robocall is just one example of the use of AI-generated images, video, and audio to spread disinformation during the 2024 campaign cycle. This issue has caused panic and even affected the stock market, highlighting the need for action to protect our democracy.  

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