Summary: Janti Soeripto appeared on the program “Face the Nation” in January

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Transcript of Interview with Save the Children CEO Janti Soeripto on Face the Nation, January 28, 2024

Host: Margaret Brennan

Guest: Janti Soeripto, CEO of Save the Children

MARGARET BRENNAN: Welcome to Face the Nation. Today we are joined by Janti Soeripto, the CEO of Save the Children. Janti, thank you for being here.

JANTI SOERIPTO: Thank you for having me, Margaret.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You recently returned from a trip to the Gaza region, where you were assessing the aid situation for children. Can you tell us about what you found?

JANTI SOERIPTO: Yes, I was in the region for over 10 days and I was able to visit the border and see the hundreds of trucks waiting to enter Gaza. Unfortunately, the amount of aid getting into Gaza is still woefully inadequate. On a good day, only 130-150 trucks are able to enter, and when I was there, it was even less than that. This is a significant decrease from before October 7, when 500 trucks were able to enter daily. The needs of the people in Gaza have increased dramatically, and even when aid does get in, the process of distributing it is very difficult. Many trucks have to make multiple stops and unloads, and even then, getting supplies to the people who need them is a challenge. The situation is especially dire in the north of Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of people are stranded.

MARGARET BRENNAN: The images coming out of Gaza are heartbreaking, and you have joined with other humanitarian organizations to say that this conflict is unlike any other you have seen. Can you explain why?

JANTI SOERIPTO: Yes, this conflict is truly unique. In other crises, there is usually an opportunity for people to flee and find safety. But in Gaza, there is nowhere for people to go. The density of the population in such a small area is unprecedented, and with the constant bombardment, it is nearly impossible for people to escape. This is a humanitarian crisis on a scale that we have not seen before.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Janti. We will continue to follow this situation closely.

JANTI SOERIPTO: Thank you, Margaret. It is important that we continue to raise awareness and provide aid to the people of Gaza.  

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