The Department of Labor has announced that $40 million in grants will be available for out-of-school time organizations to enhance opportunities for disadvantaged youth to secure quality employment.

The Department of Labor has announced the availability of up to $40 million in grants to support partnerships and expand work-based learning opportunities and skills training for underserved youth during non-school hours. These grants, known as Workforce Pathways for Youth demonstration grants, will be awarded to national out-of-school time organizations that partner with state or locally operated affiliate organizations serving historically marginalized and underserved youth, with priority given to those serving Native American youth.

Through these partnerships, out-of-school time organizations will introduce youth to career-related services, provide work-based learning experiences, and offer occupational skills training. They will also offer unsubsidized employment placements to help youth gain the skills needed for success in post-secondary education and employment. Additionally, the program encourages partners across the workforce system to provide supportive services to address the mental health needs of participating youth. This includes assessments, comprehensive guidance and counseling, and referrals to partner organizations.

The grants, which are funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, will be awarded through two competitive rounds. The first round of $20 million is immediately available, with the remaining $20 million for the second round pending availability of fiscal year 2025 appropriations. These grants align with the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to creating opportunities for people to connect to good jobs, and support the department’s Youth Employment Works Strategy to expand access to programs that prepare all people for successful careers.

To learn more about the Workforce Pathways for Youth program and previous grant recipients, visit the Department of Labor’s website. Interested organizations can also view the grant opportunity and apply. By investing in partnerships and expanding work-based learning opportunities and skills training, the Department of Labor is working towards creating a more inclusive and prosperous workforce for all.  

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