The recent filing by Willis affirms a connection with the attorney involved in the Trump case but refutes any suggestion of a conflicting interest.

In a recent court filing, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis acknowledged her romantic relationship with lawyer Nathan Wade, whom she appointed to lead the Georgia prosecution of former President Donald Trump. However, Willis’ lawyers strongly denied any financial conflicts or reasons for her disqualification from the case. In an affidavit submitted by Wade, he stated that their personal relationship began in 2022 and that he has no financial interest in the outcome of the case. Willis’ attorneys condemned the allegations as an attempt to distract from the legal issues at hand and criticized the intrusion into their personal lives. The allegations were made by one of Trump’s co-defendants, Michael Roman, who claimed that Willis had paid Wade over $650,000 for his work and benefited financially from their relationship. However, no evidence was provided to support these claims. In a separate filing in Wade’s divorce case, his estranged wife also alleged a romantic relationship between him and Willis, providing credit card receipts that seemed to show he had paid for trips for the two of them. Willis has not directly addressed the allegations, but her lawyers have dismissed them as baseless and irrelevant to the case.  

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