The Supreme Court is considering whether Trump is eligible to appear on the ballot

The Supreme Court is set to hear a case on Thursday regarding the eligibility of former President Donald Trump for a second term in office. The case, brought by six Colorado voters, challenges the state’s decision to exclude Trump from its primary ballot due to his involvement in the January 6th Capitol attack. This decision could have significant implications for the 2024 presidential race and could potentially impact Trump’s bid for a second term. The case centers around a rarely used provision of the 14th Amendment, known as the insurrection clause, which has never been invoked to disqualify a presidential candidate. The Supreme Court’s involvement in this politically charged dispute, just as voters are preparing to cast their ballots, is unprecedented since the 2000 Bush v. Gore ruling. The case, Trump v. Anderson, raises a number of legal questions for the justices to consider and puts the court in the spotlight once again. One of the plaintiffs in the case is former Colorado legislator Norma Anderson, who is challenging Trump’s eligibility for the primary ballot.  

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