The US Department of Labor has declared the availability of $85 million in funds intended to enhance employment prospects for young people in areas impacted by violence and poverty.

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced an $85 million funding opportunity to support programs that provide education, skills training, and supportive services to youth and young adults in communities affected by violence, crime, and poverty. This funding, known as Growth Opportunities, aims to address the structural barriers that prevent teenagers from reaching their full potential and accessing equitable educational and employment opportunities.

Through work-based learning, employment services, educational support, and mentorship, these grants will help prepare and empower young people to succeed in the labor market and their communities. The funding is part of the department’s Youth Employment Works strategy, which aims to ensure that all young people have access to supportive services and workforce development opportunities.

The Reentry Employment Opportunities program, which is funded through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, will award grants through two competitive rounds. The fourth round will receive $40 million, while the remaining $45 million for the fifth round is dependent on the availability of fiscal year 2024 appropriations.

To be eligible for these grants, organizations must meet certain criteria and follow the application process outlined by the Employment and Training Administration. This funding opportunity presents a valuable opportunity for local organizations to make a positive impact in their communities by providing jobs, training, and supportive services to young people.

For more information on grant eligibility and how to apply, visit the department’s website. Together, we can work towards breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for youth and young adults in need.  

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