Trump is ahead of Haley in South Carolina before the 2024 primary.

Title: Trump Maintains Strong Lead Over Haley in South Carolina Primary Race

Former President Donald Trump continues to hold a significant lead over potential Republican challenger Nikki Haley in the South Carolina primary race. Despite being out of office, Trump’s enduring support among Republicans nationally is reflected in recent polls.

Section 1: Trump’s Lead in South Carolina Primary
According to recent polls, Trump maintains a strong lead over Haley in the South Carolina primary race. In a survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group, Trump received 53% of the support from likely Republican primary voters, while Haley only received 12%. This is a significant margin that showcases Trump’s continued popularity in the state.

Section 2: Enduring Support from Republicans Nationally
Trump’s lead in the South Carolina primary is not surprising, considering his enduring support among Republicans nationally. A recent poll by NBC News found that 87% of Republicans have a favorable view of Trump, and 72% would like to see him play a prominent role in the party moving forward.

Section 3: Trump’s Influence on the Primary Race
Trump’s strong lead in the South Carolina primary race has also had an impact on other potential candidates. Many have chosen not to run, citing Trump’s dominance in the party and fear of going against him. This includes South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, who has stated that he will not run if  

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