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Title: Former President Defends Brewer Amid Boycott Controversy

In the midst of a boycott against a popular brewer, the former president has stepped in to defend the company. This comes as the brewer faces backlash and attempts to move forward from the controversy. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The brewer has been facing criticism and calls for a boycott after a controversial incident involving one of their products. Many consumers have expressed their disappointment and anger towards the company, leading to a significant decrease in sales.

Former President’s Defense:
Despite the backlash, the former president has come to the defense of the brewer. In a statement, he expressed his support for the company and its efforts to move beyond the boycott. He also highlighted the positive contributions the brewer has made to the community and economy.

Moving Forward:
The brewer has been taking steps to address the controversy  

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