XPeng Shares Fall in Hong Kong as Alibaba Continues to Trim Stake

Title: Alibaba Sells Shares in XPeng, Causing Sharp Drop in Stock Price

On Monday, the stock price of Chinese electric-vehicle maker XPeng took a sharp dive in Hong Kong as e-commerce giant Alibaba sold off more shares in the company. This move by Alibaba has raised speculation that the company may be divesting itself of noncore assets.

Section 1: Alibaba’s Sale of XPeng Shares
Alibaba, one of China’s largest companies, had previously invested in XPeng through its subsidiary, Yunfeng Capital. However, on Monday, Alibaba sold 12.7 million shares of XPeng, reducing its stake in the company from 14.7% to 13.3%. This sale amounted to approximately $2.2 billion.

Section 2: Potential Divestment of Noncore Assets
Alibaba’s sale of XPeng shares has sparked speculation that the company may be looking to divest itself of noncore assets. This could be a strategic move to focus on its core e-commerce business, which has been facing increased competition in recent years.

Section 3: Impact on XPeng’s Stock Price
The news of Alibaba’s sale of XP  

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