Meet JetBlue’s Head of Safety, Security, and More: Christie

At the young age of 57, Christie has already made a significant impact at JetBlue. She joined the company in 2003 and has since risen through the ranks to become the head of multiple departments.

Leading the Way in Safety and Security

As the head of safety and security, Christie is responsible for ensuring the well-being of both passengers and crew members. She oversees all safety protocols and procedures, making sure that JetBlue maintains its reputation as one of the safest airlines in the industry.

Managing Fleet Operations

In addition to safety and security, Christie also oversees fleet operations. This includes managing the maintenance and upkeep of JetBlue’s fleet of aircraft, as well as coordinating flight schedules and routes.

Keeping Airports Running Smoothly

As head of airports, Christie is in charge of ensuring that all JetBlue airports run smoothly and efficiently. This involves working closely with airport staff and local authorities to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Leading JetBlue University

JetBlue University is the company’s training facility for crew members. As the head of this department, Christie is responsible for developing and implementing training programs to ensure that all JetBlue employees are well-equipped to provide  

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