The Department of Commerce recognizes and supports the important contributions of U.S. veterans and military families during National Veterans and Military Families Month in November. We are grateful for their service and the sacrifices made by their loved ones. At a National Veterans Day Observance earlier this month, President Biden acknowledged the vital role of military families, stating, “Our Veterans are the steel spine of this nation. And their families…are the courageous heart.”

In line with this sentiment, the Department of Commerce offers resources, programs, and data tools to empower and support this community. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 Annual Business Survey reported that veteran-owned businesses had an estimated $922.2 billion in receipts, 3.3 million employees, and $179.9 billion in annual payroll. To showcase the success of veteran entrepreneurs, we are excited to introduce two innovators who have utilized services and tools provided by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to grow and expand their businesses.

Ruth Young-Loaeza, a military spouse and inventor of Neet Sheets, recognized the tedious and frustrating task of making beds during her 24 years as a housekeeper. Her patented full line of linen solutions, Neet Sheets, offers an ergonomic and innovative solution that reduces bed making time by 47% and mattress lifting efforts by 75%. Ms. Young-Loaeza credits the USPTO for their support in educating and empowering her to protect her intellectual property. To date, Neet Sheets has been granted three USA patents and three patents from other international jurisdictions.

JD Clement Dickson, a U.S. Navy veteran, utilized his military experience in operations management, logistics, and strategic planning to launch his entrepreneurial venture, KEHOVI. Their debut product, a collection of sustainable silicone water bottles, is a symbol of their dedication to making a difference and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. JD participated in one of USPTO’s Entrepreneurship Road Shows and credits the experience for his successful journey into entrepreneurship.

The Department of Commerce is committed to supporting and empowering U.S. veterans and military families through our resources, programs, and data tools. We are proud to celebrate their contributions and success during National Veterans and Military Families Month and beyond.  

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