According to David Becker, the case of former President Trump is unique because he did not release certain documents.

Title: Election Law Expert Discusses Differences in Handling of Classified Documents by Biden and Trump

In a recent interview on CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” David Becker, an election law contributor, shared his insights on the handling of classified documents by President Biden and former President Trump. According to Becker, the behavior outlined in special counsel Robert Hur’s report is being handled differently due to the fact that Trump allegedly withheld those documents, while Biden has not.

Section 1: Background on the Special Counsel Report
The special counsel report, led by Robert Hur, investigated allegations of mishandling of classified information by former President Trump during his time in office. The report was released in the final days of Trump’s presidency and outlined several instances where he allegedly disclosed classified information to foreign officials.

Section 2: Differences in Handling of Classified Documents
Becker pointed out that the handling of classified documents by Biden and Trump is being approached differently. He explained that this is mainly because Trump withheld the documents, while Biden has not. This difference in behavior has led to different consequences for the two presidents.

Section 3: Trump’s Alleged Mishandling of Classified Documents
Becker also discussed the potential legal implications for Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents. He stated that if the allegations are proven to be true, Trump could face criminal charges and even impeachment.

Section 4: Biden’s Approach to Classified Documents
In contrast, Becker praised Biden’s approach to handling classified documents. He noted that Biden has been transparent and has not withheld any documents, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of classified information.

Section 5: Importance of Proper Handling of Classified Documents
Becker emphasized the importance of proper handling of classified documents, especially for those in positions of power. He stated that it is crucial for leaders to follow protocols and procedures to protect national security and maintain public trust.

In conclusion, Becker’s insights shed light on the differences in the handling of classified documents by Biden and Trump. While Trump’s alleged behavior has raised concerns  

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