Acting Secretary Julie Su commented on the Volkswagen factory in Tennessee.

Acting Secretary Julie Su and President Joe Biden have released a joint statement today, congratulating the workers at Volkswagen Chattanooga for their successful vote to unionize on April 19, 2024.

In her statement, Su expressed her congratulations to the workers for exercising their fundamental right to choose to join a union. She emphasized the positive impact of unions on workers, businesses, and the country as a whole. According to Su, when workers have a voice through unions, we see increased wages, benefits, security, and safety for all workers, regardless of union membership.

Su and President Biden are both pleased with this step towards unionization and stand in support of the workers. They believe that every worker should have the free and fair choice to join a union, and as the most pro-union, pro-worker administration in history, they are committed to standing with workers.

The statement also highlights the importance of unions in promoting a healthy and fair workplace for all workers. Su and President Biden are heartened by the workers’ decision to unionize and believe that it will lead to positive outcomes for both the workers and the company.

In conclusion, Su and President Biden congratulate the workers at Volkswagen Chattanooga and reaffirm their support for unions and workers’ rights. They believe that this step towards unionization is a significant achievement and a step towards a better future for workers.  

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