An investigation has discovered that medical services were provided to staff members who did not qualify for them by the Medical Unit of the White House during Trump’s presidency.

A recent report from the Department of Defense inspector general has revealed numerous issues within the White House Medical Unit during the Trump administration. These problems included providing controlled substances to ineligible staff, violating federal law and policy, and disregarding Pentagon guidance. The report also found that senior leaders in the unit were directing practices that were not in line with regulations. Additionally, the report highlighted the improper handling and disposal of both controlled and non-controlled substances, which posed a risk to the health and safety of patients. The investigation was prompted by complaints in 2018, but did not name any specific individuals involved. The inspector general recommended that the Defense Health Agency and the White House Medical Unit director work together to develop procedures for managing these substances. It is worth noting that Rep. Ronny Jackson, who is now a Republican member of Congress, led the White House Medical Unit during the Obama and Trump administrations.  

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