BetMGM has reached an agreement for a sports-betting partnership with X.

BetMGM and X, the social-media platform formerly known as Twitter, have announced a groundbreaking partnership in the world of sports betting. This collaboration will bring together two major players in their respective industries, creating an exciting opportunity for both companies and their users.

The Deal

According to the official statement released by BetMGM and X, the two companies have entered into a multi-year agreement that will see BetMGM become the exclusive sports-betting partner of X. This means that X users will now have access to BetMGM’s wide range of sports betting options, including live betting, parlays, and more.

In addition, BetMGM will also have a prominent presence on X, with their branding and odds being featured on the platform’s sports-related content. This will provide X users with a seamless and integrated sports-betting experience, making it easier than ever to place bets on their favorite teams and events.

The Impact

This partnership marks a significant step forward for both BetMGM and  

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