Biden embraces the “Dark Brandon” meme following the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.

Political strategists are discussing President Biden’s recent embrace of the “Dark Brandon” meme, which originated from a right-wing conspiracy theory involving the NFL and Taylor Swift’s endorsement. After the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win, Biden shared a meme of himself with red lasers coming from his eyes, referencing the “Dark Brandon” persona. This theory gained traction after reports that Biden was seeking Swift’s endorsement for his reelection in November. Swift, who had previously stayed out of political endorsements, endorsed Biden in the 2020 election. Former President Trump also weighed in on the theorized endorsement, claiming that Biden had not done anything for Swift and would never receive her support. The Biden campaign has leaned into the “Dark Brandon” meme, using it in their social media posts and even featuring it in their first TikTok video. However, Biden has faced criticism from young progressive voters over his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and a new report has raised questions about his memory and age. As the campaign looks to secure support for four more years in the White House, these issues have become a focal point.  

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