Bob Bauer, President Biden’s personal attorney, criticized the Hur report as being a poorly done piece of work.

On Sunday, Bob Bauer, personal counsel to President Biden, criticized the recent report by special counsel Robert Hur about the president’s handling of classified documents. Bauer called the report a “shabby piece of work” and claimed that it had “gone off the rails.” He specifically took issue with the report’s descriptions of Mr. Biden’s memory, which have been the subject of sharp criticism in recent days.

Bauer stated that while he believed the special counsel had reached the right legal conclusion, there were “misstatements of facts and totally inappropriate and pejorative comments” that were not supported by the record. He also accused the report of cherry-picking information in a misleading way and called it a “shoddy work product.”

The report, which found that criminal charges were not warranted against Mr. Biden, also highlighted concerns about his memory, stating that it “appeared to have significant limitations.” This has become a point of contention for GOP opposition and has threatened to become politically damaging for the 81-year-old president’s reelection campaign.

The White House counsel’s office has requested that the special counsel revise some of the language in the report, while attorneys have called the descriptions of the president’s memory “inflammatory.” Bauer echoed these sentiments, stating that the report was “completely out of bounds for a prosecutor.”

In response to the report’s assessment of his memory, Mr. Biden stated on Thursday that “my memory is fine” and that he is a “well-meaning, elderly man” who knows what he is doing. He also pointed to his accomplishments as president, stating that he has “put this country back on its feet.”

CBS News has reached out to the special counsel’s team for comment on Bauer’s remarks.  

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