Boeing identifiziert ein zusätzliches Problem mit den Rumpfen der 737 MAX Flugzeuge.

Boeing Faces Delays in 737 Jet Deliveries Due to Misdrilled Holes

In a recent announcement, Boeing revealed that it will have to address misdrilled holes on approximately 50 new 737 jets, which could potentially delay deliveries to airlines. This news comes as a setback for the aircraft manufacturer, which has been working to recover from the grounding of its 737 Max jets.

The Issue at Hand

According to Boeing, the misdrilled holes were discovered during the production process and will need to be fixed before the planes can be delivered to customers. The company did not specify the exact cause of the issue, but it is likely related to the complex assembly process of the 737 jets.

Impact on Deliveries

The delay in deliveries is expected to affect multiple airlines, including Southwest Airlines, which is one of the largest customers for the 737 jets. Southwest has already been dealing with the grounding of its 737 Max fleet and this latest setback will further impact its operations.

Boeing has not provided a timeline  

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